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TWD Zone is an international fan site and community focused on providing spoilers on The Walking Dead and other shows as well as providing a no hate/no drama community where diversity of opinions is both welcomed and respected
  1. Watch the first few minutes of 'Mercy', TWD 8.01, Spoilers board
  2. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus celebrate reaching the 100th episode of the series.
  3. TWD Marathon runs all this week-airing all 99 episodes of TWD on AMC leading up to the premiere
  4. 8.01 Spoilers aplenty in Walking Dead--Spoilers
  5. Join the discussion on the Mr. Robot episodes and speculation
  6. Check out names and descriptions for 8.02 through 8.08 in Spoilers(just descriptions for 8.07 and 8.08 so far)
  7. Check out our community section...for news and events, food and recipes, and tons of hobby discussions

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