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TWD Zone is an international fan site and community focused on providing spoilers on The Walking Dead and other shows as well as providing a no hate/no drama community where diversity of opinions is both welcomed and respected
  1. Read the reactions from the fandom as the news of why ***** is dying and who made that decision. Episodes 8.08 board.
  2. Mr. Robot renewed for season 4! Watch the season 3 finale tonight.
  3. Spoilers are posted for Outlander's season 3 finale and a few for season 4 of the show! Check the 3.13 Eye of The Storm/A new Wolrd' topic, Outlander board .
  4. Discuss potential timelines for Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead with Morgan crossing over. Will there be a time jump? Will it be during the time Morgan was unaccounted for in the past? Fear Boards
  5. We have filming spoilers, casting news, showrunner interviews and even the first season 4 clip of Jamie and Claire posted in the Outlander board, season 4 spoilers!

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