• The Undoing Season Final this Sunday---Drama--Undoing
  • Casting news and spoiler discussion for the next 6 episodes of the Walking Dead in TWD Spoilers
  • Fargo Season Finale is this Sunday.....see promos and discuss the season In Fargo board
  • The fifth episode of The Mandalorian has dropped and Rosario Dawson is in it! Share your views in Films--Star Wars---Mandalorian
  • What are you watching on TV? Share your reviews and read others in TV Shows
  • The Expanse has been renewed for Season 6 which will be its final season. Cas Anwar(Alex) will not be returning due to the sexual misconduct allegations.
  • One Day At A Time has been cancelled again by Pop TV, but will be shopped to other networks.
  • The Prom Full Trailer released. The Prom drops December 11th on Netflix and stars Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Andrew Rannells and more
  • The Penultimate episode The World Beyond is on this Sunday on AMC
  • Doctor Strange 2 has started filming in London
  • What movies have you seen that you would recommend? That you would say don't ever watch? Or somewhere in between? Share your opinions in Films
  • Season 2 of Virgin River drops on Netflix on November 27th. See promos, teasers and more in TV Shows---Drama/Action---Virgin River
  • Shameless Season 11 trailer has dropped. The final season will air beginning December 6th
  • Filming has wrapped for the last 6 episodes of The Walking Dead. See Filming Spoilers in the Walking Dead Spoiler boards.
  • What are you cooking? Community



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