• Last Week Tonight with John Oliver opens Season 10 on February 19, 2023
  • ‘SNL’: Pedro Pascal To Make Hosting Debut With Coldplay As Musical Guest, February 4th 2023
  • Starz drops Party Down revival trailer; TV Shows, Comedy
  • Doom Patrol: The current fourth season will be the last
  • Nicole Kidman stars in ‘The Perfect Nanny’ Limited Series In Works At HBO
  • The season 3 Picard trailer is posted. Reunites the ST:TNG crew! TV Shows/Star Trek/Picard
  • Hulu has given a series order for Mike Judge's King of The Hill reboot. Judge, Kathy Najimy, Stephen Root, Pamela Adlon, Johnny Hardwick and Lauren Tom — who lent their voice talents to the original — are all returning.
  • NBC has renewex La Brea for a 3rd season.
  • NBC renewes Night Court for a second season, TV Shows/Comedies/Night Court
  • American Horror Stories renewed for a 3rd season, TV Shows
  • Apples Never Fall - Annette Bening To Star In Peacock Limited Series
  • Viola Davis becomes an EGOT winner after her 2023 Grammy win. She's previously won an Emmy, an Oscar and a Tony! TV Shows, Awards Season topic
  • Episode 5 The Last Of Us airs early b/c of the Super Bowl. Available for viewing on Friday, not Sunday!
  • ‘Yellowstone’ Shocker: Kevin Costner Cowboy Drama Series Plots End As Taylor Sheridan Eyes Franchise Extension With Matthew McConaughey
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Sequel In Works At Sony With Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Directing; Jennifer Love Hewitt And Freddie Prinze Jr. In Talks To Return
  • Join the many discussions about the future of The Walking Dead franchise and the spinoffs throughout our site
  • Fox has renewed Bob’s Burgers will return for seasons 14 and 15 through 2025, TV Shows, Comedy
  • What TV Shows have you recently watched? Share your reviews and read others---TV Shows---General---What are you watching on tv
  • The Last of Us is rebewed for Season 2! Watch ghe HBO hit for free this weekend, TV Shows, SciFi board, TLOU
  • Outlander has officially been renewed for an eighth and final season. TV Shows, Outlander Board
  • Netflix Shocker: Reed Hastings to Exit Co-CEO Role, Will Remain as Executive Chairman, News and Events
  • That 90s Show has been renewed for Season 2
  • What movies have you seen lately? What did you think? Share your thoughts and ready others in Films
  • Discussion of Daryl Spinoff and whether MMB will be joining Season 2 as is rumored TWD Spoilers



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