• Netflix to Require COVID-19 Vaccinations On All U.S. Productions
  • Filming Spoilers for Walking Dead Season 11 episode 11, TWD Spoilers
  • What We Do In Shadows Season 3 premieres September 2nd on F/X
  • The Jungle Cruise Movie drops in theaters this Friday
  • Check out our Favorite Animal Videos thread in Community. If you're an animal lover, virtually guaranteed to bring a smile to your face
  • Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk is stable after suffering a heart attack on the set
  • The Saint is being rebooted at Paramount and will star Bridgerton's breakout star Rege-Jean Page. Films
  • ZZ Top Bassist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Dusty HIll has died at 72. News--Obituaries
  • As the countdown has begun till the season premiere, see TWD Spoilers Promotional material including sneak peaks and more and discuss what it all means
  • What are you watching on TV? See what others are watching and share what you are watching and what think of them in TV Shows
  • Check Tokyo Olympic topic, News board, to get steaming info and event schedules for the Olympic Games
  • Dune trailer posted in Films
  • Day of The Dead trailer(new syfy series) dropped at SDCC TV Show---Horror---Day of The Dead
  • Universal is shelling out an eye popping 400 million for an Exorcist Trilogy, Ellen Burstyn will reprise her original Exorcist role. Movies--Horror
  • Which TWD Character are you most like? Take the quiz in TWD General
  • Care to recommend any movies? Read others recommendations? Films
  • Doctor Who season 13 trailor and SDCC panel are posted.



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