• Discuss the first three shows of the Daryl Show, the ratings and more in TWD Spoilers--Daryl Dixon
  • See the Covid topic (News & Events) to order free at home (US) Covid tests!
  • The WGA Strike has officially ended September 27th and writers are back to work
  • The Final Episodes of Fear The Walking Dead will start airing on October 22nd on AMC. The finale will be November 26th
  • New trailer posted for True Detective: The Night Country, Drama
  • Season 3 of Canadian drama Transplant premieres October 12th, TV Shows, Drama
  • Indicted Trump co-conspirator Lin Wood has turned State's Witness for Prosecutor Fani Willis, Politics
  • Share what TV shows you have recently seen, and see others comments in TV Shows---General TV Discussion
  • What are you reading? Cooking? Do you enjoy talking fashion? Need a smile? Check out these and a whole lot more in our Community section
  • Dark Winds has been renewed for a Season 3!
  • Rupert Murdoch Finally Stepping Down From Fox and News Corp, News Board
  • Have you seen a movie you really liked or didn't recently? Share your opinions and read others in Films---What are you watching



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