• Walking Dead 10.16 this Sunday! See all spoilers and discussion in TWD Spoilers
  • This Sunday---The world premiere of World Beyond right after Walking Dead 10 x 16
  • Call The Midwife has finished filming it's Christmas Special for this year! TV Shows---Drama--_Call the Midwife
  • Post about your cat, or just a funny video or GIF in our Cats thread in Community
  • What are you watching on TV? Share your reviews and read others in TV Shows
  • Fear The Walking Dead episode synopsis posted, Fear The Walking Dead Spoiler Boards
  • Episode 6 of The Boys has dropped on Amazon Prime....what did you think? The Boys board
  • Fandemic which is taking place in October has announced Melissa McBride has been added with opportunities to have one on one virtual meet and greets! TWD General/Resources
  • The Saved By The Bell revival now has a premiere date of November 25th
  • How did you like the twists and turns in Sunday's Lovecraft Country?--Scitfi---Lovecraft Country
  • Variety reports that Samuel L. Jackson will star in a Nick Fury series on Disney Plus. TV Shows--Marvel
  • The Craft reboot will be available to be streamed on demand on October 28th, starring David Duchovny, Michele Monaghan, and many newcomers
  • What are you cooking? Community

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