• Filming Spoilers for Walking Dead Season 11 episode 8 MSF, TWD Spoilers
  • What are you watching on TV? See what others are watching and share what you are watching and what think of them in TV Shows
  • Black Summer Season 2 premieres June 17th. TV Shows---Horror--Black Summer
  • The new double feature of AHS has announced that Denis O'Hare will be appearing in 4 episodes of this star studded season. TV Shows--AHS
  • Care to recommend any movies? Read others recommendations? Films
  • The title of Aquaman 2 will be The Lost Kingdom as per James Wan, the director. FIlms.
  • A Quiet Place Part 2 is the first movie to have grossed over 100 Million in a theatrical release during the Pandemic. FIlms

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