• Join the many discussions about the future of The Walking Dead franchise and the spinoffs throughout our site
  • AMC's CEO has stepped down after only 3 months in the job amid announcements of pending layoffs. News.
  • ‘Willow’ EP Jon Kasdan On Harnessing The ‘Magical And Mysterious’ Qualities of the Film, TV Shows
  • A rumor has surfaced that Carol will be joining the Daryl Spinoff in season 2. TWD Spoilers, Done and Dusted TWD Projects
  • What TV Shows have you recently watched? Share your reviews and read others---TV Shows---General---What are you watching on tv
  • What movies have you seen lately? What did you think? Share your thoughts and ready others in Films
  • Filming info for the Negan/Maggie TWD spinoff Dead City in TWD Spoilers
  • Daryl Spinoff castings, rumors and discussions. TWD Spoilers

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