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TWD Zone is an international fan site and community focused on providing spoilers on The Walking Dead and other shows as well as providing a no hate/no drama community where diversity of opinions is both welcomed and respected
  1. What did you think of the Alicia/charlie bottle episode? Sound off in FTWD Episodes section and see articles and reviews
  2. What do you think of all the twists, turns and shocks on this seasons Preacher?. Discuss in Other TV Shows--Preacher and see photos and trailers for this Sunday's episode
  3. Check out all of the filming spoilers, pics, and rumors here for The Walking Dead Episode 9
  4. Season 5 of Znation will premiere October 5 Other TV Shows---ZNation
  5. Christian Slater drops a hint an interview that Season 4 may be the last...Mr. Robot Board
  6. What do you think of the recent episodes and the twists? Other TV shows--_Castle Rock
  7. Read all about Season 3, including cast interviews and more in Other TV Shows---Insecure
  8. James McAvoy was injured filming IT the sequel, FIlms
  9. Who were you happiest to see die? Saddest? Who do you want to see die in this upcoming season? Join in all the fun polls in The GAme Of Thrones area
  10. Season 2 is airing and we have the latest promos and discussions in Other TV Shows---Sinner
  11. The Last SHip returns for its fifth and final season on TNT on September 9 at 9 pm

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