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Site Contest- TWD Zone celebrates 2 years!

I'll give this a try I'm not all that creative though

AOW is over and peace rained across the lands but one death ripped the heart and soul from a member of our group
"Sir Rick Grimes of Alexandria" the king spoke as he ,Morgan ,Carol and Rick gathered in the great feasting hall
"My subjects will not tolerate it any longer,for 40 days and 40 nights I have consoled Sir Daryl Dixon of the great unwashed ,but alas it is of no use his constant wailing and stench is causing discomfort in my court ,something needs to be done"

"Morgan you spent time with Daryl and Shiva ,were they really that close?"
"Well he did stroke her creating a (insta ) bond, the camera panned in and everything"
"Carol will you see if you can talk to him ,I spoke to Maggie thought the Hilltop might be the best place to send him but she can't remember who he is"
"Yes I'll speak with him"

Carol made her way to Daryl,s room the smell made her eye's water and stomach roll
Tap,tap, "Daryl it's me can I come in?"
"Yeah "
"Daryl you need to start over"
"You don't understand,the minute I saw the curvature of her claws I knew it was a sign,we made plans to go running through the fields I..I was even gonna punch her in the face"Daryl sobbed
Carol decided then and there she'd had enough of this bullshit
"Look at the shower Daryl"
As Daryl turned toward the restroom Carol raises her pistol and shoot Daryl through the head

As the gunshot rang through the kingdom Rick came running to the scene
"Carol did you kill Daryl?"
"Yes,somebody had to stop it,he was suffering I made it quick he was choaking on his own tears "
Rick looked down on his fallen brother then turned to Carol with a tilt to his head "Thank you"


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Eugene has to prove his loyalty to Negan during the War by killing someone on Rick's side. Negan hands him a gun. He tells him (whispers in his ear) to point it at Rosita and shoot. "if you don't kill her, i will know you have betrayed me and Lucille will take her revenge." He rubs Lucille up against his arm. Eugene aims the gun at Rosita. Everyone's senses are heightened. Guns pointed by both sides. The tension builds and Negan says "shoot! damn you!" In fear, he fires! it intentionally has missed Rosita by a hair. But in the heat of the moment and in retaliation, Daryl shoots Eugene seconds after. It hits Eugene in the arm. As Eugene falls to the ground, he reveals he has mild hemophilia and the blood will not stop flowing and Negan won't let anyone help him. Guns still pointed at Rick's group. Rosita stands in shock. Eugene starts to plead Negan for help, but he walks away. He instructs them to all walk away. the Saviors begin to walk backwards, guns still pointed. As they make their way to safety, Arat shoots Eugene one more time killing him. Rosita fumes.

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Ok, here goes. First of all, hi everyone. New to this site, this is my first post :) so hello. Anyway this is my idea - Daryl is out hunting and Tobin is with him, because somebody has to carry all those squirrels. Tobin is in awe of Daryl's skill with the crossbow. He says to Daryl "wow, I am in awe of your skill with the crossbow". Or words to that effect. Then Tobin says "man, I bet you could shoot an apple off the top of my head. You know, like William Tell". Daryl says "who?" Tobin says "never mind, here, let me just pick an apple off this apple tree. I will put it on top of my head and you shoot it off with your crossbow". Daryl says "whatever". So Tobin is standing there with an apple on his head, Daryl takes aim. And just as he shoots a strong gust of wind blows all that hair into his eyes and....no more Tobin.


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We are 4 days from the October 17th entry deadline! Be sure to post your creative & delicious deaths here soon to win the prizes.
(Season 9 midseason) (I invented it because Scott said it would be very different from what we've been seeing)

Rosita is completely crazy after negan is imprisoned in alexandria without enduring being a few meters from him, decides to go down the stairs that lead him to the cell with negan. Once inside, negan tries to convince her that she has nothing left, now she does not have abraham or sasha and feels sorry for her. Seeing that she will not be able to change his decision, he details how the head of abe, his red hair and all the blood in lucille. She crying and furious says.
- "go to hell, I go with abraham and Sasha"
* With his pistol performs a perfect shot on the head of Negan and the chamber covered with drops of blood is approaching on the head. The screen goes out and another shot is heard *:troll:


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i don't know if it's considered, i wrote about it in another thread. :)

so...Tobin is building a fence in Hilltop after the victory over Negan. He doesn't have enough beams and then he goes to the forest next to Hilltop to cut one or two trees. his new girlfriend from Hilltop, Brianna if i remember her name
correctly) gives him a piece of her new pie before.
Tobin walks to the forest, chewing a pie. He sees Daryl convulsively pressing Carol to the tree he was about to cut down. Tobin chokes on the pie, chokes and dies.
Unfortunately, Daryl and Carol too busy and very loud to notice Tobin.
Morgan Jones strolled through Alexandria feeling rather pleased with himself,He wasn't sure about the why's of it all but after the world ended he lost a lot but gained a superpower the power to read minds. All in all he couldn't help but feel a little smug
Today he was set to go on a run with Tara,Rosita and Eugene they took the walkie`s in case they ran into trouble and needed back up
In the old warehouse they became trapped in the small office ,surrounded by walkers the radios couldn't get a signal but Eugene suggested clicking the walkie`s and send Morse code to the other's
Morgan unfortunately being stuck in close proximity to Eugene was bombarded with theories from blackholes to whether or not time travel was possible and it started to send him crazy
Tara was tasked with sending the signal while Rosita tried to calm the situation
"What is it Morgan stop writing shit on the walls and calm down"
"I need to CLEAR " screamed Morgan
Oh shit thought Rosita this is bad " Tara have you sent for help ,where the hell are they"
Back in Alexandria Enid heard the clicking so shouted over to Daryl ," L.O.L what the hell that supposed to mean"
" laugh out loud,God how old are you" replied the snarky teen
"Well it's Tara`s group so she'll be goofing off" so they shrugged it off
Morgan was really losing by now "Eugene can you think of something normal and Tara have you sent the message"asked Rosita."yeah but the thing is I think I may have been L.O.Lin instead of S.O.Sin I get confused I was the same with texting back in the day" Tara said while nervously eyeing Morgan
Rosita rolled her eye's and wondered how the hell to get out of this with out Morgan deciding to clear."are you seeing red Morgan"she asked ."NO IT'S WORSE THAN THAT I'M NOW SEEING ABRAHAM`S WHITE ASS ON YOU,MAKE IT STOP,MAKE IT STOP"
"What's happening to his head" Tara asked while Morgan head started swelling and shaking
Next thing Morgan's head exploded splattering brains and blood everywhere "Eugene, what just happened?"
"Why by my in-depth analysis" "JUST SPIT IT OUT YOU PERVERTED PUTO" Rosita screamed
"Mind blown he was mind blown"

Sorry for spelling and grammar
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