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Dear TV Shop and Credits


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We are THRILLED to announce the roll out of Dear TV Shop and Credits where our community members can accumulate points based on activities on our forum(see the next post for how the points work).

As you accumulate points, you can use them in the Dear TV Shop(described in post #3) to buy various items on the board. This is Stage 1 of our roll out. We have plans to add more exciting things to Shops and Credits that we feel will help enrich our users experience in a variety of ways.

We will also be announcing specials from time to time----ways in which you can get additional credits on our site so watch this thread for those announcements as well as the notices on top of the page!


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Dear TV Credits are simple to accumulate. The more active you are on the site, the more credits you will get! We will constantly be announcing ways to get additional credits in this thread, so stay tuned!

Here are the activities that will get you credits and the amount of credits each provides:

Daily Activity---one credit for every day you log in(one per day)
Birthday---One credit just cause it's your Birthday if it's filled in in the system
Like/Rate Post---If you like or rate someone else's post, you get one credit(these will all show as "likes" in your transaction log)
Liked/Rated Post--If someone else likes or rates any post that you make you get one credit(these will all show as "likes" in your transaction log)
Upload---If you upload anything on to the site as a part of your message, you will get one credit
Polls---If you vote in a poll on the site you will get two credits
Post---Any post you make on the site will get you two credits
Avatar---Uploading an Avatar on to your profile will get you five credits
Thread---Creating a new thread will get you five credits

So the more activity you have on the site, the more your credits, and the more your rewards!

Be sure to check for the "Specials" going on an on going basis where we offer additional points under certain circumstances. They will be posted in this thread


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Accessing the shop index

The shop app can be accessed by clicking “Shop” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This activates a drop-down menu where you can view your inventory and even start a trade with another user!

Double clicking “Shop” takes you to the shop index, where you can browse all of the stores currently open for business.


Currently there is only one shop in operation – The “Dear TV Shop”

Clicking the title of the shop will open that shop up, and allow you to purchase items!

Buying Items

The shop will display all items available to be purchased by the user. The cost of each item is displayed on the right hand side.

Clicking the name of an item brings up a dialog box that displays more information about the item.

If a user does not have enough credits to purchase an item, it will display “Insufficient Funds”

To purchase an item, press “Purchase”, this adds the item to the users shopping cart. In this example, I am going to purchase a “User Name Style Change”.


Clicking “Purchase” brings up the confirmation dialog box, where you will be prompted to either immediately checkout, or to close the dialog and continue shopping.


The user can return to checkout by pressing “View Cart / Checkout” on the left hand pane


To confirm your purchase press “Checkout” again in the next window.

Congratulations! You’ve made your first purchase

The Shop uses a forum-specific currency that you gain every time you make a post or interact on the forum. No real life money is exchanged at any point when using the store.

Your Inventory

The Inventory is accessed by pressing “Inventory” on the left hand pane, or by selecting “Inventory” in the drop-down menu when “Shop” is pressed at the top of the page.

The inventory contains every item that you have purchased, traded, or been gifted.

You can activate and deactivate purchased items here.

Activating an item

In this example, I am going to activate a “White Username Style” and apply this to my profile.

From the inventory, locate the item you with to activate and press “Settings”, this brings up a menu where you can tick “Active” and save – this makes the item active!


Congratulations, you’ve applied the item and your profile will now display the changes!


I’ve clicked apply, and saved, and the item is showing as active – but the changes haven’t taken effect on my user profile, why?

It is possible that there is another effect active at the same time which is clashing – open up the inventory and have a look at which other items are active, deactivate any similar items. (In this case, the “User Name Style Change” and “White Username Style” items are both active, deactivating “User Name Style Change” will stop the clash)


Configuring Customizable Items

The White Username Style discussed previously is preconfigured (and some may say boring). Other, more premium, items exist that give you full control over the style you wish to achieve.

Items that can be customized display “Configure” when in the inventory.


Pressing this brings up another menu that presents all of the options for you to manipulate to create the perfect style


Tick the options you wish to apply, for example, bold, italics, underline, glow, and shadow.

Some options will allow you to change the colour of the feature (Colour, Glow, and Shadow) – the colours used are in hexadecimal format (A hashtag followed by a string of six characters that determine the RGB value that is to be displayed #000000 is black, #FFFFFF is white). You can generate the Hex number for whatever shade you wish by visiting a hex calculator, for example:



N.B – Don’t forget the Hashtag!!!

When you are happy, save and apply the item using the steps outlined previously.
Congratulations, you are now the new owner of a unique, customised item!

Donating credits
Clicking "Shop" in the top right hand corner activates the drop down menu, from here click 'Credits' to access the rich list and donate page.


From here, press 'Donate' and type in the user you wish to donate to, the amount of credits and you can even type a message!


To enter the trading menu, press 'Shop' in the top right hand corner and select 'Trading' in the drop down menu.


This opens up the trading hub where you can see pending trades, completed trades, and start a new trade.
To start a new trade press "New Trade"

This opens up another window where you enter the username of the person you wish to trade with, you can then leave a message!

The trade request is sent to the other party and will show as 'Pending' until accepted.

The other user will receive a PM and an email notifying them of the trade.
When this is accepted, the trade status will change to 'Open' - the trade can then be modified using the links in PM or clicking on the trade at the trading hub.


Opening the trade allows you to see what the other party has offered and to make your own offer:

Clicking 'Your Offers' allows you to make an offer:

Pressing 'Save' submits the offer to the other person.
When you are happy with the offer you have received, press 'Accept Trade'

You will also see an option that says "Transactions" . Clicking here will show all the transactions you have had, both in terms of transaction in The Shop as well as every time you have an increase in your credits what event caused that increase in credits.

Any questions on this, please PM Hauntmaster
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From until February 15th, every post in the Community Section of our board, no matter where, will be worth an additional 5 points each!

So join in the conversations about current events or politics or join talking about cooking, reading, etc, or just join the fun topics like Answer and Ask and others and you will get an additional 5 points for every post(7 Points total, 2 points for a post, an extra 5 points for posting In Community!)
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