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Site Review of Site Rules and expectations for all members


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This is a tough and rotten time to be a fan of TWD in many ways. Many of our members are angry, disappointed in the show or have stopped watching. I think we would all love a return of the show which brought us all together originally back in 2012 or later.

Site staff have tried to cope with the shifts in the show and fandom by relaxing some of the rules, opening special vent topics or allowing more latitude in what gets posted. We tried this with the best of intentions, but the results have not been as we hoped.

Our goal remains supporting discussion of TWD, FTWD and other shows, films and our members' interests.

We see some disturbing patterns on site and within the fandom, although we observe rather than judge.

We opened in 2015 as a no-drama, no-hate site serving as a safe haven site for Carol and Caryl fans, which we remain today. We support other TWD and AU ships between consenting adult characters. Non-shippers and those members for whom TWD & FTWD remain their top passions are also welcomed fully.

Along the way, we chose to expand far beyond being "just" a TWD/FTWD site and open up all the shows our members like to watch and explore.

After months of discussion and weighing all the foreseeable factors carefully, we need to clarify some policies so that our community remains a welcoming place for all members.

So we are changing some things knowing not everyone will like all the changes.

1) Carzekiel is a canon ship on TWD so we built a board which we hope our members will fill with topics they want to discuss. Other ships (Naberry, Jadis/Anne & Gabriel) have also become canon. Topics getting lots of activity will grow into new boards in TWD Relationship area.

Carzekiel fans are as welcome here as any other member. The ship is new but our Carzekiel shipping members have never failed to be respectful & sensitive of those who ship other ships.

2) Carzekiel going canon has been devastating to Caryl fans, of course, and those members are not expected to celebrate the destruction of their ship. Everyone should follow the site rules being respectful that other members may ship a ship you dislike.

If you wouldn't want it said about your ship or a character who is part of your ship, then don't say it about someone else's ship. It may not work for you, but there are lots of people out there who ship various ships.

Our rules ask everyone to "self-moderate" and stay out of topics for ships you dislike.

3) Popculture.zone will never have hate threads for characters or ships. We have all seen at various sites how hate topics for characters or ships can take down a place fast. Those who remember season 4 and the rise of a certain non-canon ship know exactly what I am describing.

Many of you have told staff how much you enjoy being here without the drama, name-calling and hating found at other forums. Of being able to hang with fandom buddies without the heavy negativity found elsewhere.

We want to preserve the good feelings of being here without the negativity many of you also dislike. :)

4) Bashing cast members: Every cast member from A-Z has fans and detractors. That's fine, like who you like, dislike who you dislike. *shrugs

Every member agreed to follow the rules when joining here and those rules require we all be respectful to other members. We ask everyone to be considerate of other fans and not bash cast members or characters in topics.

We ask the following: If you would get angry if someone said that about your favorite actor/character, then don't say it about another actor/character.

Speak your truth without going to the trolling levels sported by some celebrities, ;)

When actors get bashed, posts get reported and often there is no rule broken in what was said. Reporting is always great and we appreciate that, but no action will be taken if site rules have not been broken.

Not liking what a member said does not mean a rule as broken.


"I bet X lied about that in his interview" - is not bashing, that is an opinion of the poster.

"X is a douchebag whose personal life is disgraceful" is bashing.

"Fans hate Khary Payton" is bashing and untrue. Not all fans hate any cast member of TWD.

Everyone's idea of what "bashing" means can be different so I wanted to clarify that here.

Going forward and learning from our history, staff members will be watching for and handling posts which bash cast members and characters by editing, deleting and infracting posts as necessary.

We don't like having to go there, but we will.

5) Opinions- We are seeing some members who repeat their opinions despite those being factually untrue and debunked. Everyone has an opinion, but opinions do not overrule the truth. From now on, everyone with factual knowledge is encouraged to post their evidence to make sure what is discussed here is the truth.

We may see disagreements when one member debunks the opinions of another; we are confident everyone will be mature and not report posts just because those disagree with the reporter's opinions.

We all accept that others will disagree with our opinions at some point. Disagreeing is not against site rules.

6) Vent topics: In some topics, usually no-argue Vent topics, we observe some members using the no-argue guideline as a chance to fill certain Vent topics with nothing but pure hate and bashing of certain characters and cast members.

Under the no-argue policy: Vent Threads have members who will post their views with no one allowed to post an opposing view or being argumentative in any way. Even if another member feels the information is factually inaccurate, they are not allowed to post as that is deemed argumentative. We ended up with more reported posts from that thread then everything else on our forum put together times 3. Interestingly enough these posts were reported equally by the non original poster(who thought it was factually inaccurate or unfair) as they were by the person who made the original post(who felt something was posted that was argumentative).

This policy, made with excellent intentions, unfairly hamstrung other members from sharing their opinions as they should be able to do freely. That is not right frankly. It also caused way too much drama, with all of the reportings it appeared no one was happy, and caused too much stress and work for moderators.

TWD Vent topic will not be re-opened for these reasons.

7) No censorship: We want everyone to express their thoughts and feel free to discuss whatever you like. We are all adults by design- we do not have members under 17 for this reason.

Our rules ask members to self-moderate and here is what that means:

* stay out of ship topics you don't ship
* avoid drama or
* making hate-filled posts which disrespect other members.

That holds for every show, film and other topic.

We are not going to censor our members. Unlike other sites, we have no interest nor time to do so.

We do expect members to demonstrate a reasonably adult level of posting and conversation.

Hate, drama and negativity are filling the news these days but most of us are here as an escape from that. We want to hang out in safe places with friends as time we enjoy spending together. :)

8) Negativity: We don't expect anyone to fart unicorns and rainbow-filled posts about TWD or FTWD if you don't genuinely feel that way. To re-phrase from The X-Files "Honesty is policy".

We have lost many old and new members over the past 6 months because of the constant negativity in certain topics. Specific members cited as the reason why someone will never return or want to discuss TWD/FTWD here. (some places would ban those folks but we only ban for broken rules.)

That's really a shame because everyone has something interesting, thought-provoking or wonderful to say.

Feel as happy, sad, disappointed or angry as you feel but do it respectfully, please. Humor into a post is great as are gifs.

We see some members trying hard to shoehorn their dislike of a character, ship or actor into every topic. Or try to take threads off-topic for whatever reason they have.

Every post should be on-topic, always, per the rules.

Most of our members do a fantastic job balancing their feelings with insightful, wonderful posts which make our community a great place to be.

We will not edit or delete posts unless those are off-topic or clearly meant to upset other members (or who ship different ships). Staff members will be keeping an eye on threads and dealing with off-topic posts.

We respect the views of all members and wish all members to be treated fairly now and in the future as the site grows and changes.:)

Please feel free to post any questions you have below.


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I love the writing here. Whom ever wrote it, bravo great job. Very honest and specific. Don’t think you missed anything!! Very impressed!!
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