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Thank you for the safe-place


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I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I’ll just do it here.

I just wanted to thank you @Ripley and all the mods for giving us Caryl fans a safe place here. As you might have noticed I’m not really around much anymore, and I will continue to try to keep TWD out of my life as much as possible as it’s unhealthy for me. I stopped venturing “out there” long ago because I knew I would be seeing things I didn’t want to see. I barely do more than visit a couple of safe TWD blogs on tumblr a few times per week. But every once in a while I get drawn back in; I’m tempted to read spoilers, vent or discuss something, and this is the only place where I feel safe doing all of that. They may not be what I want to see, but at least the spoilers I get here are accurate AND I won’t have to deal with people enjoying my pain at reading them.

You have my deep thanks. My thanks extends to its many wonderful members. May we all find profound joy in other, better, more fulfilling TV shows.
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Thank you @aliensoul and you are also welcome to join discussions on films, other TV shows you may enjoy, anywhere else on the site.

Sometimes it is wonderful to hang out in a safe place with people you care about. Those who have moved on or prefer to minimalize TWD/FTWD are talking about everything from gardening to Scandanavian noir. I have fandom friends who don’t watch but come to hang out.

What a lovely post; thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. :grouphug:
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