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Thank you Nana and welcome to our new Star Contributors!


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As Summer starts winding down, things change here too. :)

@nana is retiring as the moderator for TWD Cast and Crew- she has served the site and members as a labor of love since our days at the first site.

Thank you for serving members so well and making that board one of our most important areas. You leave behind big shoes to fill. We wish you only the best and you will be missed, very much, by everyone. :heart:

I have known Nana since 2012-2013 in TWD fandom and count her among my close fandom friends. Her weaving and fiber art inspires me often and is a joy to see.

Nana will have a Retired Moderator badge on her profile when she steps down in a few days.

We have three new Star Contributors who have joined staff or will do so in the next few days- we are excited about working with them and I hope you will welcome them warmly!

Welcome to our new Star Contributors: @foxy , @Purl and @darster :heart:

Ladies, would you please post in this topic, which areas you will be working within so members will know? Thank you . :) Each has a Start Contributor badge on their profile.

We all look forward to working with @Purl, @darster and @foxy as the site continues to grow and evolve. :)

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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Hey everyone @foxy here. I will be working I the areas of Better Call Saul, Fargo, and TWD social media. The latter, I am still in the process of making a list from @nana to of the accounts to follow. So I will be able to share it here. Look forward to this. Will be fun. Thanks for asking me.

Jane Doe

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@nana, your watch is done. Moderating is a certain skill set, lol, enjoy your time off. :heart:

As a star contributor I will focus on American Horror Story, Preacher and a few other series such as Pose, The Alienist, Mindhunter. There are other shows returning I’m excited about! Midnight, Texas anyone? :D

Full steam ahead peeps! :grouphug:


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Hello everyone!
The areas I will be contributing to are Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Passage.
I'm excited to get started!
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