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The Walking Vent Thread


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These last few years have been difficult for the entire fandom, and it was exacerbated over the last few months with some spoilers that have been released. We have been faced with the difficulty of trying to balance a board where we have been accused of having excessive negativity and that negativity upsetting members saying it doesn't belong in certain threads, with allowing our members to vent their frustrations and sometimes downright anger over things that have taken place on the show.

A member asked a great question the other day when a thread was reported for moderation, where should these postings go. We have discussed at great length, and have decided to create a new thread in the General Discussion board entitled "The Walking Vent Thread". This will be a thread where people can vent any frustrations about the show, the direction it is going, things they see actors do/say that is frustrating to them, etc,,.

We think it is important though to lay some ground rules so everyone understands the rules of this thread. I think we can all gather this will be a pretty negative thread. The rules will be that any one can post anything related to the show here as a "vent". If you have something that you know is a negative comment to say about a character, or an actor, and you aren't sure where it should go, this is the thread for it. Whatever is posted should not be debated, it is that person's feelings/views and they are allowed to post that here. If you want to agree with the post, or expand on it with your own views, by all means join in. But there should not be any post disagreeing with the original poster or their opinion, or baiting them into an argument either directly or passive aggressively. Any such posts will be immediately deleted.

As we are a community with many diverse opinions, which we view as a very good thing, be prepared if you decide to read this thread that you will find things you disagree with, and even are possibly offended by. If that can be an issue for you, or you just don't like to read anything you view as negativity, we suggest strongly that you not participate in this thread, it is meant as a place for our members to vent.

Any questions, please feel free to PM a staff member.
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